First Baptist Church of Keeseville, Front Street



First Baptist Church of Keeseville, Front Street


Wednesday, Dec. 25, 1850
Voted that there be a committee appointed to examine the propriety of moving the meeting house down in the village.
"We are building a new meeting house, which we hope to dedicate to God by the latter part of November.
Nov. 16, 1851
The church commenced worship in the vestry of their meeting house. the pastor preached a dedication sermon, from Exodus 20:24 "An Altar of earth thou shalt made unto me ... all places where I record my name i will come unto thee, and I will bless thee."
The Essex County history dated 1885 states that there was once a tannery on the present site of the Baptist Church.
From the history of the Baptist Church printed in the Minutes of the Association for the year 1862, it states "On the 13th of November, the Church commenced worship in the vestry of their new house."
The dedicatory services seemingly was not dedicated until the church was complete.
Jan. 14th, 1852
The new Meeting house was this day dedicated to God, sermon by the pastor.
The Association Minute Book, gives the date as Jan. 25th, 1852.
Our historians write of the new edifice: ?Measure were taken for the erection of a more centrally located house of worship. In all Mr. Baber's clear head, tender heart, and strong hand was manifest. Plans and specifications by a New York architect were submitted, accepted and the new house went up. It was a model of convenience and comfort, and seemingly perfect acoustic properties, any speaker could desire. Artists from Boston frescoed the walls. It was a thing of grace and beauty from the culture tasted and practical knowledge of Mr. Baber.
From the Association Minute book of 1862, there is further information concerning the new building.
"It was supplied with a baptistry and the arrangements throughout were pleasant and convenient."
In notes that LAB added to the history, is "The original cost of our present house of worship was seven thousand dollars.. Organ was one thousand."
The Association Minute Book states, "An organ costing $1,000 has since been been presented by James Pilling, Esq."
In the records of dees back in this time, the occupation of the persons owning the land is given, a gentlemen, or a farmer. "Esq." would indicate that he was gentleman, son of means.


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A History of the First Baptist Church of Keeseville, N.Y.
1788 -- 1968
Eleanor A. Spaulding, Under the Auspices of the Baptist Ladies Guild
Keeseville Free Library



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