Detail of 1829 Map by David H. Burr

Peru & environs detail, 1829 Map by David H. Burr

Benjamin F. Feinberg Library, Special Collections, SUNY Plattsburgh.

Robin Michel Caudell/Photograph

"We must remember that when these old churches were planted, that the country was new. Homes were rustic and far between. That the founder of the Keeseville or Peru Church was the seventh citizen (Isaac Finch) of the town:

That West Plattsburgh (Morrisonville), Peru, Jay, Elizabethtown  (Pleasant Valley) and Essex Churches (Brookfield and Essex Village),  Westport (Northwest Bay) all go back beyond the age of bridges, wagons, doctors and post offices. 

It seems that the practice of other churches of taking in dissastisfied members from sister churches was not satisfactory to the "Mother Church" in Keeseville.

It will be recalled that the Keeseville Church withdrew from the Essex Association Sept. 11, 1830, taking all churches in Clinton County with her.

Her authority being vested in the fact that "Church of Christ in Peru" was the "Mother Church."

Source: A History of the First Baptist Church of Keeseville, N.Y. 1788-1968, Eleanor A. Spaulding, Under the Auspices of the Baptist Ladies Guild, January 1, 1959. pages. 6, 30, 40.

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